Open Minded


Throughout my life, I’ve been told to keep an open mind, no matter how closed off others are. I’ve done that to, despite how hard it is in this society. Even though you may believe strongly in what you think, it’s still very important to respect other people’s opinions and beliefs.

In an example, I don’t believe in god, but other people try to push it on me.
Those people are trying to force what they believe on other people, because they think what they believe is the “Correct” belief. In that situation, I say this:
“I think that Maybe there is a god, but I’m not sure if there is or not. If there is a god though, what would he think of us now?”

open mindedness is not changing your mind to match what others think. it’s accepting other peoples opinions and beliefs, and not turning them down instantly.

maybe if everyone was open minded, Equality would rein, and everyone would be happy.

Love you all!


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