Love Is Equal





Love is something that should be embraced, not repressed. It’s something that you have no control over. You don’t don’t find love, but it finds you. 

That’s where today’s topic comes in.

I think it’s a well known fact that I am a very strong supporter of LGBTQPA rights, and that I find it VERY annoying that the LGBTQPA community still has to fight for their rights. We are people to in case you didn’t know. I can’t say how many times the bible has been brought into play when talking about equality. I’ve heard people say “It was Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve,” and I’m over here like, “If there is a god, he’d be ashamed of us. He’s supposed to love everyone. Besides, if god didn’t want same sex couples, then why are there any?” 

That is always my response. Then the people get all mad and say I’m going to hell. I just tell them I Am Hell, and they run away. Honestly though, I have no problem with religious people. It’s just the radicals who are constantly trying to convert people and make them think in their way. That’s what bugs me.

Well, I wanna hear what you think. comment your opinion bellow.

Love you guys! 



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